Thursday, 27 October 2011


I love dressing up for Halloween because there just aren't enough occasions in life to wear a costume.  This year I've been trying to think of theme costumes for the three of us and it's a little harder than I expected.  I can come up with all kinds of ideas but most of them were too difficult (like Dorothy, Toto, and the Tin Man/Scarecrow/Lion).  Finally I've decided on our Halloween trio for 2011 but you'll have to wait till after Friday's Halloween potluck to see it!

On another note, we let Leroy sleep out of his kennel last night which we have been attempting on occasion recently.  He's in his crate all day so it would be nice if he could have some freedom at night.  Things went okay until I felt him land on me after a running leap at 4 am.  Ha!  Then he snuggled in between us and hubby seemed to think it was me crowding him off the bed (until he reached over and felt Leroy's fur, that is).  Then it was back to the kennel for him!  What a cutie.

Back to Halloween, here are a couple of super easy costumes I found from What I Wore - links here and here.  The last picture is my costume from 2009.
Carmen Sandiego
Rosie the Riveter.

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