Monday, 17 October 2011


When we bought our house last winter, we chose it because no work needed to be done.  However, this summer with a little time on my hands I decided the living and dining rooms needed a new paint job.  The old colours were ugly shades of beige.  I'm not a hater of all things beige but these colours were gross.  I also spruced up the beautiful original moldings with some white paint (after much debate with my hubby).  It was the classic "to paint the woodwork or not" with men always on the side of natural wood.

I also bought some (double wide) material at Fabricville for curtains.  If you don't know anything about upholstery fabric, it comes in regular width or double wide.  For something like long, full curtains you have to buy double wide so it fits.

With some blue paint on the walls and a silvery sage green on the ceiling I think it looks much better!  A relatively inexpensive fix...although painting is a lot of work!

Living room before.
Living room after.


  1. Amy, I love it! Can I hire you to come paint my living room?

  2. Definitely! I'm poor enough that I would do just about anything for a little extra cash. :)