Saturday, 22 June 2013


I wrote my Internal Medicine exam this morning and now I'm free!  (Kinda. Until Monday.)  Either way, it's the second day of summer and my stress level decreased significantly today.  Oh happy day.  I put together a cute outfit for the day with green shorts from J Crew, a patterned tank from Banana Republic, and a Calvin Klein sweater.  Hubby took some photos and the ones I liked best?  They're full of puppy.  And you can't see the green shorts or the pattern in the tank.  But my goodness, look at this mommy/baby photo.  I could not possibly love him more.

The agenda for the rest of the day: paint the front steps, clean off my desk (it is frightening...I've been studying at the dining room table for the last few months because the desk is covered in papers), scrub the floor, and make pavlova for tonight's class potluck.

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