Friday, 7 June 2013


I've posted recently about our simple bedroom updates.  First, we had our drapes made and then we tore up our carpet and repainted the walls and trim.  Here's a look at the finished product so far.  We're missing a few things like toss pillows and artwork, but I'm happy with our cozy little bedroom as it is now.  I'm sure we'll add things here and there as time goes on!

This photo shows how our 'new' hardwood floors work with our bedding and curtains.  When we repainted I stuck with the original wall colour so I only had to paint one coat.  Miraculously the hardwood was in good enough condition we didn't do any refinishing.  The carpet had been stapled to the wood so we just had to pull up the staples!  I think it's a lovely shade.

Here's a little peak of our ceiling colour.  This was new to the room.  Previously it was your typical white and I painted it Behr Palatial.  It's a creamy tone with a bit of a pink hue.  Without the blinds on the windows the room gets enough sun that the tinted ceiling doesn't darken things down.  We do notice at nighttime with the curtains closed it is slightly darker with the painted ceiling.  We don't mind that at all!

Hubby's side of the bed.  Those are my two guys over there.  And that's our DIY lamp project.  The headboard?  We bought it off kijiji.  I think we payed fifty dollars or so.

That's my side of the bed!  Cute, eh?!  I found our nightstands at a consignment store (kind of pawn shop-ish) a couple of summers ago.  They were one hundred and fifty dollars for the pair and they really are more of a dresser than a nightstand.  I had to buy that little rug for Leroy once we tore up the carpets.  We didn't realize he really relies on the carpet to get a good grip when he's jumping onto the bed!!  We were shocked (and sad) once the carpet was gone he couldn't get onto the bed anymore!  Mama (aka me) bought this little "landing strip" at Winner's Homesense shortly after.  It's kind of strange because literally it is a landing strip... I don't have the money to pay for a large area rug at the moment.  I like the pattern of the rug and it serves a purpose so I don't really mind that it's a strange size along one side of the bed.

I found this little lucite (maybe?) tray at Winners Homesense, too.  It's kind of cute for a candle, some perfume, and a favourite necklace.  Most of my junk ends up on this too at the end of the day, but I cleaned it off for photos. :)

Last one.  I think our bedroom looks cute!  Add a couple of toss pillows and a couple more photos and we'll be all set.  I'm also on the lookout for a new dresser.  We have a Wal Mart special hubby's mom lent us when we got married, bless her heart.  Otherwise we would have had boxes of clothing on the floor, I think.  It's probably somewhat obvious I mainly like older furniture that is well built and always in style.  I tend to surf kijiji every couple of weeks looking for something to catch my eye!  I'll keep you updated!

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