Tuesday, 11 June 2013


Hubby and I have never shared a closet.  In our apartment my clothes were in the spare bedroom, and in our house his clothes are in the spare bedroom.  We have a teeny tiny closet in our room and it only has one closet door so half the closet is hidden behind the wall.  You have to practically climb inside the closet to see what's hidden in the back.  This is very annoying to me - someone with a lot of clothing!  In an attempt to cut down on closet space, I switched out all my ugly plastic hangers for lovely, thin, suede ones last year.  There is no doubt these hangers take up less room, but the problem was not solved.  The plot thickens.

In a moment of frustration we went to Canadian Tire and found an incredibly inexpensive solution.  They have quite a selection of closet organizers.  A lot of them don't work for our closet because of the one door.  For instance, your typical fold-able/slide-able doors give you more access.  So we bought a simple organizer that consists of two vertical bars and one horizontal. 

This allows me to have an extra row of skirts/shirts in the bottom of my closet.  It kind of doubles up on the space at the front of the closet.  You clip the vertical bars onto the existing rod and the horizontal bar connects between them.  Super easy and made a big difference in my closet!  It cost around twenty-five dollars.

You can see here how the vertical bars "connect" with the floor.  You adjust them to the desired height and they just sort of push against the floor.  They really don't have to be that secure because they are hanging from the metal rod in your closet so it's quite stable regardless.  I highly recommend this as an inexpensive closet re-do!  It's much cheaper (and faster - and easier!) than ripping out part of the wall and installing proper doors.  In a perfect world full of money trees, that's what I'd be doing.  Hubby's things would still be in the spare room, though. :)

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  1. Shawn and I have a closet organizer like that, but we can't use it in our current apartment because we have wire shelves rather than a metal rod. It was great in our previous apartment, though!